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2012-12-03 09:27:21 by AetherNG

"I have poundcake on my iPod and I listen to it while running 5Ks. It always boosts my mood because I imagine what the other runners would think if they knew a guy listening to a song about poundcake was catching up to them." - Tom Fulp


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2012-12-08 07:55:23

You must be so proud of yourself...

And dude, only 3 songs and you have over 400 fans...I know music producers such as Avizura and Step who have been submitting quality songs for years and yet they have less fans than you do.

I envy your success.


2013-01-07 15:10:42

haha thats awesome man! say how the hell did u get over 100 k listens on that song besides it being really good?