SMRPG - Waltz of the Forest

2013-03-06 16:37:18 by AetherNG

So back in 2011, Psyguy released a track titled "Waltz of the Forest" featuring Kirbopher & ShadyVox.
Now in 2013, I release my remix, thanks to Psyguy for the stems.


SMRPG - Waltz of the Forest


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2013-03-06 17:13:51

Once upon a time their was a horse named Robert, it ate a sick tomato and died


2013-03-07 10:49:50

Once upon a time they're was a tomato named Richard, it ate a sick horse and died.


2013-03-07 19:36:50

Once upon a horse there was a Richard named Robert, it died and ate a sick horse-tomato.