If you remember who I am

2014-01-16 15:54:44 by AetherNG

So 2012 was a great year for me on Newgrounds, but I'v only gone down hill from there, well, in terms of Newgrounds recognition. Anyway I will be submitting music here for Robot Day and to help out friends like Deathink & RicePirate for there animations if they need it but other than that, the Newgrounds audio portal is pretty dead I've noticed.

I'm not 100% sure what my plans are with Newgrounds for the year but I will NOT be leaving here, as you are already aware I post very little on Newgrounds, but I am much more active on my other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and soon to be YouTube, I'll leave my links at the bottom of this post for those interested.

Also I recently just got sponsored by a clothing company that I feel a lot of you will enjoy. Use coupon code "Aether" to save 10% on everything in this store! I would highly recommend anything related to cats or pokemon.



Will update you more soon, got a lot of stuff going on just now.

Take it easy

- Aether


http://www.facebook.com/AetherAudio http://www.soundcloud.com/AetherAudio http://www.twitter.com/AetherAudio http://www.youtube.com/AetherAudio


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2014-01-16 20:19:21

No... Don't leave us for YouTube like everyone else!


2014-12-24 00:49:12

I agree. Back when I joined this site around 2006, the audio portal was overwhelmingly populated (in a good way). 2011-12 were very good years on NG for bass music producers. However, recently, songs seem to only be gaining a small fraction of the recognition that they used to. I kind of think its was due to the format/User Interface change to the whole site. However, I can only empathize with your decision and have pretty much done the same with my work. I still enjoy you're work man. Keep it up!